Sunday, October 17, 2010


Friendship is an emotional bond you form with someone you are not related to. A true friend respects you, likes you and maybe also shares stuff with youu . 
You can trust a friend. They care about your happiness and well-being. If you are sad, they try to pick you up. If you are worried, they allow you to use them as a sounding board or give you their opinion or advice. If you need help, they do what they can to help you. Whether this be making a phone call, spending more time with you, lending you money, or anything else that is within their power. They keep your secrets. You know you can tell them anything and they will be discreet. You know they are tactful. You may well confide in a friend more than you do in your partner, family, acquaintances, neighbours or colleagues.A true friend values all of your qualities and forgives you your failings and faults.
A true friend is never jealous of your good fortune. They would not steal from you or borrow from you without paying it back.
True friendships rarely come your way, they are like diamonds in the mud. When they do they are special and need to be recognised for the wonders they can bring into your life, then nurtured and encouraged to grow and develop into strong lasting relationships. Tend a friendship the way you would a garden. Weed out the ugly unwanted or unhealthy ones, feed and water the beautiful ones.
You can argue with a friend and it does not matter, you agree to disagree and make up and continue with the mutually beneficial relationship.
You can be yourself with a true friend. You do not have to put on an act and entertain them, saying what they want to hear or making them roar with laughter. If you are sad or upset you can tell them.
A true friend is someone who enjoy being with, whether this is to just chat, have a laugh and a joke, relax in silence, go out together or have deep meaningful serious conversations. You may well prefer the company of your true friend to that of your family. You miss them if you do not see them or speak to them for a while and make sure you keep in contact and keep the relationship alive.
A true friend always does their best to reciprocate any generosity or kindness you put their way, never taking them for granted.

i want you guys to know that no matter bad or jerkk are youu , 
i still consider uu as the best , 
thats the friendship is aboutt :)
im sorry for evrything ! 
specially for u mazni maulad musa 

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