Sunday, May 8, 2011

“It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone - but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.”

Sometimes, you just have to stop caring , You have to turn off all emotion , feelings .. 
8th may 2011 - 11.03pm
i was on the phone with my bestie from 10.30 pm , suddenly theres a call in 
from an unknown number . i told my bestie i call her back like soon . 
i answered the phone . there was a boy asking me how am i today ? am i doin fine and stuff . 
he called me , i was cherished . till i realized that i didnt talk to him almost a week plus plus . 
few days ago , i faced a few probs like all by myself . i need him ! i need someone to talk to . 
we talked for 30 secs just now . it was nothing , i could care less . is my feeling towards him getting lesser ?
idk . i dont want that to happen cause i used to love him like alot . well , people do change nwdayss . 
plus , idk what the hell his being up to in his school . this will be the last time im writing about him . because this is the fullstop. i dont believe in long distance relationship . its all rubishh . fuck it , fuck it ! its all karma bullshit ~ i need someone , but he cant be the one cause his in the boarding school . hell jyahh his in it .
he didnt even bother to call me using the public phone . i dont know whether he really love me or no . or am i just a number to him as well ? seriously , FML = FUCK MY LIFE . 
Sometimes, you just have to stop caring , You have to turn off all emotion , feelings 

                                                                                                    She's an asshole . she aint a gaga         freak cos 
                                                                                                    gaga always have a great solution . she's a 
                                                                                                    fucked up bitch 

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