Thursday, February 10, 2011


valentine's cominnggg . 
this mondayy .
its been a few years i had to celebrate it alone . 
well , boyfie dumped me bfore valentinee . or they usually come afterwrdss . 
i wantt rosesssssss so badly . 
i miss havingg boyfiee duringg valentine's .
to whoever that have gf / bf ..
plss do appreciate themm . theyy are so meaningfullll .
i really hope , i get onee . a good one !! 
and for suree i will try my best to love himm with all my heart and soul . 
well , i do likee someonee .
hmmmphhhh .
but idk whether he loves me or noo . 
did i mentioned bout love ??
yess !! i do love himm . but i know he wont love me backk in returnn
im just not that good enougghh
hmmmphhhhh . arghhhh .,

Cupid To My Valentine

dear cupiddddd . plsss . 
let himm stayy with me . i really love himm . and i will take a good 
care of himm if i get himm . 
ive been prayingg sincee ***********************
no detailss . 
ermm , i will love himm . just that , 
all i want is for him to open his eyes n see that i really care n love himm . 
likkeeee seriouslyy .
so , plssss !! 

xoxo .

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