Monday, April 18, 2011

die hard bitchh !

i wish that i dont know you cause ur an attention seekerr !
u added almost all of my friend which you dont freakingg hell know them .
who do you think you are ? 
hotstuff ? puhhleaseee . even pig is way cuter than you . 
how come we used to be friends ? 
we have 500 mutual friends in facebook like whaatt ?
okayokay , maybe some of it we do know them well and face to face . 
but the matter fact is u added my friend because his cool . 
well , ur suck a faker . 
u wanna be friends with cool awesomee people . 
u never wanted to be friends with beggarrss . 
smokinngg ? u think people will think its cool ?
drinking ?? when u underage ?
whhaaatt ? haha . so pathetic . 
one day , i will say this out loud to people and let people know the real youu . 
uve made one of my friend as ur botty call evry single nitee . 
when ur tired of him , ull find others like i dont know . 
then , u played with other guys when u knew that the A know B very well . 
what kind of girl are you ?

she's a gaga freak 

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